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Koh Samui wedding dj Blair offers a Live music option for your Wedding reception or Public/Private function. You do not have to hire a separate musician entertainer and dj! With over 20 years as a performer on many stages of many different styles of music, dj Blair can play Acoustic and Electric guitars and sing all your favorite songs just for you and your guests. Your own personal concert!

Below are playlists to download, the first one with over 300 songs from which to choose, plus dj Blair is always learning newer ones. However, dj Blair can chose songs from a list you provide as well (conditions apply).

Gig Song List D&B Backing Tracks Laid Back & Cocktails Set Typical Night of 3 - 60 minute Sets
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Please keep in mind each set consists of 60 minutes with a maximum of three sets per evening for only the Live Nights music option. Pre-recorded music will be provided during breaks. On average about 40 songs for three sets.

There is a Piano option as well. A Yamaha P105 88 Key piano can be played for your entertainment as well at an additional cost. Please inquire for complete details.

The best of both worlds is the Deluxe Package Option where there is Live Music AND dj Music offered. Please visit the Services and Packages for details.

Please click on tabs to play: 

dj Blair plays guitar and sings. Home studio recording demo....


dj Blair plays all instruments on home studio demo....wrote this for my Ma....Love ya Mom! Me and Billy. Where has the time gone indeed!


1st recording at my Big Brown Dog studios on Koh Samui. Saku passed away two years ago but she's still in my heart....hope your tail wags when you hear this ole girl.....


dj Blair sings Defenseless with his Band Bruehaha


dj Blair sings with Band Bruehaha....rockin it!


dj Blair Singing with Bruehaha Band .....ya that's the Stargate behind me!


For Booking please click here: Book Now. For Booking and pricing, please contact thee Wedding Spinner or your Wedding Planner or Resorts Wedding planner and say you'd like to hire thee Wedding Spinner dj Services! Payment can either be through my company directly or your Wedding Planner or Resorts company. Your e-mail will be answered with- in 24hrs guaranteed!

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